Frenchman David Moncoutie won the 11th stage of the Tour de France (search) on Thursday, while Lance Armstrong (search) accused French reporters of trying to rummage through his hotel room in hopes of finding evidence of doping.

The five-time champion said a French television crew attempted to get access to his room after he left to race in the 102-mile ride from Saint-Flour to Figeac in central France.

"Just this morning, after we left, a TV crew from France 3 was going to the hotel, the receptionve with every day."

"This particular guy from France 3 has been following us for months and it's scandalous," he said. "The scary thing is, if they don't find anything and get frustrated after a couple of months ... well, who's to say they won't put something there and say 'look what we've found."'

Moncoutie won his first stage victory in five Tours by breaking away from the pack with two other riders and then leaving them in his wake as he rode alone over the last few miles to the line.

He was the second French rider to win in two days. Richard Virenque won the 10th stage on Wednesday — France's Bastille Day (search) national holiday.

"To win a Tour stage is fabulous," Moncoutie said. "It was one of my dreams."