Arliss, Joy Behar and Fear Factor in the reality program we call The Foxlight.

Most of the actors on Arliss have the sports guest stars sign footballs or baseballs. Not Jim Turner, who plays sports agent Kirby. Turner has them sign two men's athletic cups - one for his own collection and one to be auctioned off at his kid's school. Turner says he has 50 of them by now, including cups signed by Katarina Witt and Tonya Harding.

What's  Joy Behar's "view" on men? She told Fox News they're all transvestites. Men love wearing underwear, according to the ABC chatmeister. She points out that Cary Grant wore panties because he claimed they were more comfortable. The "revealing" conversation was sparked by an impromptu wonder bra fashion show by Fox and Friends' male technicians Wednesday morning.

Finally, the other networks have nothing to fear but fear itself. After a questionable start, and protests that it would be another Jackass, NBC's Fear Factor is now the number one show on television - at least last week. Regis and his final answers had to settle for second place. Remember when NBC said reality programming was a fad?