So a liberal buddy of mine sent me a well-traveled e-mail, one that argues that if Obama had the same flaws as John McCain, he would be crucified. Meaning, the only reason McCain receives any support is because he's white, which is intriguing, but asinine.

First of all, I love how I'm told my judgment is inherently clouded by racism, according to people who don't even know me. Fact is, I left the Aryan Brotherhood years ago.

Even more, these jerks don't realize that I can use the same argument on them. I mean, could it be their own unconscious racism that’s causing them to believe I'm racist? I think shrinks call this "transference."

These dopes are actually voting for Obama because they are racist, willing to overlook his inexperience and questionable judgment in order to feel good about their own white liberal, pant-wetting guilt.

So this argument cuts both ways: I am not voting for him because he's black and you're voting for him because he's black.

But both cases are completely wrong.

The fact is, if you're a liberal Democrat, you'd vote for Obama whether he was black or white (and, get this, he's both). But if you're a conservative or a right-leaning libertarian, you wouldn't vote for Obama whether he was black, white or chartreuse.

So when the left says the reasons behind your choice are racial instead of intellectual, it's way beyond arrogant and bordering on an opinion that deserves a punch in the kisser. But that's the beauty of stupidity: It knows no color.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist, xenophobic pig!

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