So Albright College commemorated Black History Month by hanging two signs on a drinking fountain near their cafeteria. One sign read, "white," while the other was marked "colored only." The goal: to remind all that segregation sucked.

Now this took place just after our new Attorney General Eric Holder said we're a "nation of cowards" because we don't talk about race enough.

Which I might agree with, just for us crackers, for two reasons:

First, whites are too scared of being labeled bigots if we say anything critical about modern racial politics. Like, if I say, "Al Sharpton is a chucklehead," some might assume I'm saying it because he's black, when I'm really saying it because he's a chucklehead.

Second, it's hard for whites to talk "race" when the debate starts and ends with "whites are jerks." I mean, if I were at Albright right now, I doubt I'd feel comfortable talking about race, much less using the water fountain (running water scares me).

Now, I can share the same assumptions as Holder about the past and even agree that oppression may not factor much in your life when you're the majority. However, if you want a real conversation about race, let's drop the blame game. The fact is, I won't speak up, if the assumption is that I'm already a racist pig.

Granted I may be an oppressor, but that's to pool boys of all ethnic origins. And it's not oppression, if I let them out for walks.

And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

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