Earlier this year I told you, I vowed to you, that we would cover the presidential race in a very aggressive way, and by the end of it you would know everything about the candidates. So we've got four days to go, and if you have any questions about John McCain or Barack Obama, please e-mail them to me at oreilly@foxnews.com. On Monday, we will address them.

I think we've covered it all — and fairly — and you know what we know about both candidates. However, if we missed something, again, please let us know.

Now, there is something new today. The Obama campaign has thrown the New York Post, The Washington Times and The Dallas Morning News right off the campaign plane. Is it a coincidence that those three papers have endorsed John McCain?

Well, I talked with Obama spokesman Bill Burton on Friday. He says it's just because Michelle Obama and her entourage and some additional Chicago press are covering the last few days of the campaign. However, the Obama campaign has made room for Essence and Jet magazines onboard the plane, which is unusual to say the least.

Any way you slice it, it looks like the Obama campaign is giving some payback here. The New York Post and The Dallas Morning News are major media outlets, and The Washington Times spends a lot of time covering government. So you can decide if there is revenge in the air. Again, the Obama campaign denies any ill motive.

Other than that, it's politics as usual right now. And at this point, we've pretty much heard it all. I'm glad the vote is almost upon us.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

In an effort to get some stray cats adopted, the Columbus, Ohio, Humane Society is having a kitty caucus. The deal is that the cats go to certain litter boxes to cast their ballot, so to speak. So far in the vote, it is neck and neck.

While this may be questionable to some, the intent of getting homes for homeless cats is patriotic.

On the pinhead front, I am not, I repeat, I am not calling Cher a pinhead. I am simply leaving it up to you. The woman is an American. She's entitled to her opinion, and her opinion is this:

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CHER, SINGER: And the country is so divided, and it's still going to be divided. But I honestly think that there are some people that are healing people, and there are some people, like this president we have right now, that are just — you know, he says he's the big decider, but I think he's the big divider.


Again, you can decide on Cher's pinhead or patriot status. And for the record, I am a healing person.

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