Viewers watching Yasser Arafat's (search) funeral Friday got a rare glimpse of his 9-year-old daughter Zahwa (search), standing next to her mother and weeping as his coffin was placed on a plane.

State-run Egyptian television, the only station allowed to broadcast the funeral service, took note of the emotional moment.

"Don't cry, Zahwa. Your father never cried. He was a man of patience and endurance," an unidentified announcer said. "Don't cry, Zawha. All the Arab children share with you your pride and dignity today.

Zahwa, which means "pride," also was the name of Arafat's mother,

Arafat had lived separately from his wife, Suha, and daughter in recent years. While Arafat was confined by Israeli troops to his office in the West Bank town of Ramallah (search) during most of the Palestinian uprising that began in 2000, his wife and daughter divided their time between Paris and Tunis. Zahwa rarely appeared in public.