April 17 Is Another Important Tax Day

While most taxpayers are focused on this Friday, April 15, Sunday, April 17 is another important tax day (search). That’s the day we stop working for the government and start working for ourselves.

Oh…you didn’t know you worked for the government? Well, Since January 1, all your paychecks have gone just to pay your federal, state and local taxes, according to the independent Tax Foundation (search).

Only on Sunday do you begin earning money for your own needs. That’s one third of the year gone by in which every penny you earn is entrusted to your friendly politicians to dole out as they see fit. Of course, this is the average, so some folks do better, others worse. Those of us in tax heavy New York have to work for the government until April 29 before we get to keep our own money. Folks in tax-light Alaska (search) get off easy; they stop paying the government on April 2.

President Bush hasn’t had much luck with Social Security reform (search). If he wants tax reform, maybe he should force Americans to spend the first third of the year just handing their paychecks over to the government, instead of spreading payments out over the year. Then we’d see a tax revolt the likes of which this country hasn’t seen for 225 years.

We've got a lot more on tax revolts coming up on the Cost of Freedom this Saturday, which of course includes Forbes on FOX at 11 a.m. The whole block kicks off at 10 a.m. Eastern time, right here on FOX.

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