Applebee's-Craving Boy, 6, Swears Off Driving

A 6-year-old boy who tried to drive his grandmother's car to Applebee's said he won't do it again.

Josh Barber said he was hungry for some chicken nuggets when he woke up early Tuesday while his grandmother was still sleeping. His mother was recovering from surgery at the time and his father was still at work.

After taking the car keys, he unlocked the car, moved his child seat to the driver's seat so he could see better and tried to drive off. But, unable to take the car out of reverse, he backed up 75 feet from her house into a transformer, knocking out electricity and phone service to dozens of townhouses in this suburb north of Denver.

"I hit the gas," Josh told Denver's KCNC-TV. "I crashed into these things and then what happened is I didn't know what to do."

His grandmother, Claudia Price, said he ran into the house to tell her what had happened.

"He just yelled 'Grandma, Grandma, I was driving your car and I hit something,"' she said.