Stress over grades. Financial worries. Trouble sleeping. Feeling hopeless.

The vast majority of college students who were surveyed are feeling stressed these days, and significant numbers are at risk of depression, according to the Associated Press-mtv-U poll.

Eighty-five percent of the students reported feeling stress in their daily lives in recent months, with worries about grades, school work, money and relationships the big culprits.

At the same time, 42 percent said they had felt down, depressed or hopeless several days during the past two weeks. Thirteen percent showed signs of being at risk for at least mild depression.

The AP-mtvU poll surveyed some 2,200 students at 40 U.S. colleges, exploring the students' state of mind and the pressures they face. It found substantial numbers of students with symptoms of depression, many of them failing to receive professional help.