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Dear Viewers,

First, Monday night our show originates from New York City. While we will track the news of the day on the show as we always do, our guests tonight include Amber Frey (search). She will be live on the set with me. I have received many e-mails from viewers about what to ask her and I will ask many of your questions.

Besides getting questions answered, I am interested to see how Amber does in a live interview. I find live interviews easier but sometimes guests don't.

Here are some randomly grabbed e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — on Friday night we invited viewers who might have tips about the Jennifer Corbin (search), Dolly Hearn murders to e-mail us and e-mailer No. 1 did that — his sarcasm is obvious:

I have a tip for you regarding the 3 dead women connected to the dentist. TIP: THE DENTIST DID IT.

Email No. 2

Aren’t you a lawyer? And you ask all the questions lawyers can’t answer. You need to get a real job.
Robert Culbreth

ANSWER: Robert, I am curious what you consider a "real job." Since I am sure you have a "real job," do me a favor and write me telling me what it is.

E-mail No. 3 — I truly want you to get an idea of the e-mails sent. I don't want to sugarcoat and thus include the following one. Of course, I don't place the horribly crude e-mails in this blog, but from time to time the very insulting one reflects much about the viewer, the topic, the view, the passion about the view — and even sometimes level of discourse in our country:

I think Amber is a slut and doesn't deserve any recognition. She is a slut and her lawyer just saw big bucks so she called Amber and said you stick with me and we will both make a lot of money. The ones I feel so sorry for is Scott's mother and daddy. They lost a million dollars and 3 people that they loved.
Edna Johson Moore,

E-mail No. 4

With all deference to the Rocha family, I don't understand why they would object to the cover of Amber's book. The pictures on the book are the same pictures that have inundated the public for two years. And why would people object to Amber's writing her side of the story? She was silent for two years while everyone else ripped her, second-guessed her, spoke for her. Now, that the trial is over and the verdict has been handed down, why shouldn't she tell her side? And who is to say that a portion of her proceeds is not going to the Laci Peterson Foundation or to tsunami relief, or to her church? How dare people like smug defense attorney Janie "What's-Her-Face" ridicule Amber? Without those tapes, that monster would be walking among us, which would thrill Janie, I'm sure, since she never met a defendant she didn't think was innocent. Being an advocate for a defendant is one thing, being irresponsible and blind to the truth is a whole 'nother ball of wax.
Carole Tindoll Weldon
Montgomery, AL

E-mail No. 5

Today I sat and read the complete book "WITNESS". Amber sure put herself in harms way more than people realized and I admire her for what she did!
My question for her Monday night: Would she accept a collect phone call from Scott from prison just to see if he would answer the question WHY? AND if he was ever serious about her?

E-mail No. 6

It astounds me that so many people seem to want to further condemn and punish Andrea Yates' husband. What punishment could be greater than losing all four of your children in such a tragic way? Isn't that enough?
Ken Rhea

E-mail No. 7

Have heard a bunch of people giving Amber Frey a lot of "flack"; saying that she sold her story only for financial gain.

First of all, no one except Amber Frey will ever know how much stress and mental duress she experienced having to re-live her story day after day; I often wonder if she ever gets any sleep at night after what she went through. Her life as an ordinary American single-parent changed completely and what Scott Peterson did will affect her and her family forever. I can't recall hardly any photos or film footage where Amber is smiling (prior to this trial) which goes to show what she is dealing with.

Second, the money that she may make could not be more justifiable for the courage she has shown as we watched her get up in front of National TV to discuss personal issues that were also humiliating to her. Would the money that Scott Peterson almost made off of the life insurance policy he had on Laci been more justifiable? Can anyone put a price on the lives of Laci and Conner? If Amber had not told her story, Scott Peterson would not have been convicted of those 2 horrid murders, and he would be relaxing in a resort somewhere south-of-the-border with that life insurance money.

Because we live in America, if any of us have an interesting story to share with everyone then more power to the people that take the time and effort and put themselves through the pain and stress to tell it! Hip Hip Hooray for Amber and anyone else that comes out with a published story on this terrible tragedy-I hope she and everyone else gets rich! I would not blame Sharon Rocha or her family members if they do their own book at some point.

However, I WOULD give Scott Peterson "flack" if he came out with a book and achieved any financial gain.

Julie Gifford
Walhalla, SC


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