Anti-War Movies Bombing at Box Office

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Hollywood lefties invested big in losing the war and now they are the ones losing big at the box office.

We've talked about Robert Redford's stinker called "Lions for Lambs," a tedious lecture from lefties to an audience who is being asked to spend upwards of 10 bucks each to sit there and get lectured.

It's not a formula for success and things are working out about as expected: Anti-war movies are bombing.

The latest example is poor Brian De Palma. He directed this movie called "Redacted" that O'Reilly has been correctly warning will get American troops killed. Weirdly, it will have this effect even though nobody's going to see it.

Last weekend it did $25,000 at the box office. That number is effectively zero in the movie business. The movie is terrible and audiences have heard and they aren't going.

That didn't stop a NPR reviewer from saying it was a good piece of anti-war propaganda that needed to be made, even though he admitted the movie actually stunk as a movie.

Mark Cuban is the one distributing this turkey. Even after De Palma accused Cuban of censoring his work of art, Cuban was out there flogging this thing as something people should see.

Cuban should have stuck with "Dancing With the Stars." Nobody is seeing the movie. In fact, many, many more people saw him dance than are seeing this terrible film.

I haven't seen it, so how do I know it's terrible? Because nobody has seen it, nobody wants to go, nobody will spend their money to see it, and because even the lefties who love the propaganda part admit it is horrible as a movie.

I'm glad Hollywood is taking a bath on its anti-war tsunami of movies. Maybe Hollywood will learn again that audiences want to be entertained, and they will go elsewhere for lectures.

That's My Word.

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