Anti-Gym CEO Says President's Surgeon General Pick Is Too Fat for the Job

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, brilliant, dedicated, experienced, and, oh, yes, fat. The president's pick for surgeon general is fat, not a lot fat, but enough for my next guest to say, fat chance Dr. Regina Benjamin should even be considered surgeon general.

Michael Karolchyk says she's a bad example. Michael is CEO of The Anti-Gym.

And, Michael, why so anti Dr. Benjamin?

MICHAEL KAROLCHYK, OWNER, THE ANTI-GYM: Well, thanks again, Neil, for having me.

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And, you know, I'm — I have already got my bulletproof vest underneath my shirt today, so I'm safe leaving, because this is going to anger a lot of your female audience. But the bottom line is, Dr. Benjamin is 50 pounds overweight. She is obese. She's a size 20.

CAVUTO: She's 50 pounds overweight? There's no way that — she...

KAROLCHYK: She's 50 pounds minimum.

CAVUTO: She does not look 50 pounds overweight to me.

KAROLCHYK: Oh, she is, Neil. I have a lot of experience in this, 50 to 60 pounds overweight. She is obese.

And now the surgeon general, as you know, is a symbolic position.

CAVUTO: If she is 50 to 60 pounds overweight, then I am a — then I am a — then I am a separate planet.

But go ahead. Go ahead.

KAROLCHYK: Well, you know, and by the way, Neil, we have noticed you have already started working out. You have lost some weight. And I'm proud of that. You're looking pretty slim.

CAVUTO: Don't you — don't you side-dance here.


CAVUTO: I'm telling you — well, OK, let's say she is what you say she is. She would still make a darn good surgeon general. We will maybe have someone with more empathy for the obesity epidemic in this country.

KAROLCHYK: OK, let's then turn the tables, Neil.

Would you then want your head of the Fed Reserve to be a guy that lives in a cardboard box underneath the highway, because he understands the plight of the poor people an, he understands how to make money work?

Would you...

CAVUTO: Well, I think he's given the press he's gotten, he does live in a cardboard box underneath a highway.


CAVUTO: But that's another issue. But go ahead.

KAROLCHYK: Would you want Michael Jackson's doctor to be in charge of drug control at the DEA?

The bottom line is, it is a symbolic position. And obesity is the number-one issue facing our country in terms of the health and wellness. And she has shown, not that she was born this way, not that she woke up one day and was obese. She has shown, through being lazy and making poor food choices, that she is obese.

CAVUTO: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Now, how you do know anything about her lifestyle? There are a lot of people who might be a little fat, but they're very fit. And you might have people who seem very thin, and, apparently, they're not so fit.

So, that is a blanket indictment. If were to say the same thing about races, you would be called, quite correctly, a racist.

KAROLCHYK: Well, you know what? You could then call me a chubby-ist, because I'm telling you right now you don't get 60 pounds overweight, Neil, by all of a sudden having a low metabolism. The problem is, she doesn't work out enough.

CAVUTO: I have run with that for much — no, no, no. I have run with that through much of my life. So, I don't agree with you there.

But, now, there might be some people who are just metabolically abnormal, right? That is not unusual.


CAVUTO: And there are a lot of very fit — fit people — well, people who work out at your gym, I mean, you probably have some, like, thin, unfit wimps there, and then you have these other people there who are a little bit chubby, but they are getting it done, right?

Would you argue you have a few like that?

KAROLCHYK: Well, Neil, as soon as — you know what? As soon as they start getting in better shape, guess what? That means they're burning calories and they are eating better, and they lose the weight.

You don't stay 60 pounds overweight because you're fit. And that's why...


CAVUTO: You just said she was 50. You just said she was 50. Now it is up to 60 pounds overweight.


KAROLCHYK: I said pushing 60.

CAVUTO: By the time you have it — she's going to be a walking blimp.


CAVUTO: What are you talking about?

KAROLCHYK: Neil, you know you can't be — and we had this discussion before. I am waiting for the first heavy person to come down and challenge me on this. You say you are in shape if you're 50 pounds overweight, or 100 pounds for a guy? Well, let me see it.

Experts like myself know that is a load of malarkey.

CAVUTO: Well, you know what? I hope the day comes when you — you gain a few pounds at your gym, and — and they say, we don't think you should head this gym, because you are a little chubby.

KAROLCHYK: Well, you know what, Neil? I believe you should practice what you preach.

And, again, if you're going to be — if you're going to be the man who is going to step up and be the surgeon general, or the female, you should look the part. Just because you eat a lot of dinner rolls doesn't make you a role model.

CAVUTO: OK, I got that.

All right, Michael, always a pleasure. Thank you very, very much.

KAROLCHYK: Thank you, Neil. No chubbies.

CAVUTO: All right. I hear you.

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