Anti-Exxon Shirts 'Flying Off the Racks' in Alaska

A local store in Kasilof has started hawking T-shirts in response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling favoring Exxon Mobil Corp. over the Valdez oil spill.

Kasilof Mercantile says the shirts that read "Exxon Sucks" are popular among its fishermen clientele.

Co-owner Rocky Laster told the Kenai Peninsula Clarion that the shirts are "flying off the racks."

Hundreds of shirts have already been shipped to numerous locations around the Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage.

Laster says the store is making an exception to its rule of staying out of such controversies.

He says the U.S. Supreme Court's decision late last month to slash the punitive damages owed by Exxon in the massive 1989 spill was "just wrong."

He says many in the area are part of the settlement.

"There's not much they can do against a giant corporation like Exxon, but this is a way for the little guy to at least give them a jab," Laster said.