Anti-Bush Agenda?

Just when you think you know how all shows will go, along comes curve ball in the form of the Rolling Stones (search).

Mick Jagger (search) apparently is taking great pride in his new album and defended his "hit" on President Bush with one song called "Sweet Neo Con." Jagger claims it is not a rip at the president. But lets look inside the song. Here's a line worth reviewing: "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/You call yourself a patriot, well, I think you’re full of s__t.”

Hmm, I'm not a musician, but you don't have to be Elton John to spot an agenda here. Jagger even confessed that Keith Richards feared a backlash from the cut because he lives in Connecticut. Now all the pressure is on the NFL, which inked a huge season-long deal with the Stones to promote the league and "Monday Night Football." Why have a group as your signature sound that clearly is against the American president and our policy? This is a league that puts together the most patriotic Super Bowls possible. Do you really want the Stones representing your league?

Now we watch Mick Jagger deny it’s a song about our country even though he neglected to put it on the 12-track critic review CD. Another line from the song includes Halliburton and then there's this: "It's liberty for all, democracy's our style/Unless you are against us, then it's prison without trial." Mick must be riding Lauren Green's news pretty closely. And, may I interject, I am surprised he didn't just go ahead and use the term “Gitmo” — it’s so easy to rhyme with!

Elsewhere in the show, we staked out each top hour block with talk on "Able Danger" — the top-secret program that identified the 9/11 hijackers two years before they attacked us — including Mohammed Atta (search). What bothers me more then the 9/11 Commission members apparently ignoring their findings, is that the FBI was not told of the cell inside our borders. According to Congressman Kurt Weldon, there was someone in the Clinton administration pulling out all the stops to make sure the FBI was not able to hunt these four down. Just wondering if it has anything to do with Sandy Berger's document smuggling at the National Archives. He seemed so desperate last year to make off with some memos. I wonder if he, or anyone else, knows why it was OK to let an Al Qaeda cell run wild.

Rob Schneider (search), better known as " Deuce Bigalow," did our show and stuck around to try the weather. His “handlers” hit the roof, because he was suppose to be on Howard Stern. He turned out to be a real nice guy and Miss Teen USA just had to meet him. Go figure!

Finally, it was a rough close, but I thought a great segment to close the show with a look at the two responsible for the famed "Time Square Kiss." So many people have claimed to be the guy and girl behind the kiss. Facial technology reveals it was George Mendonsa and he thinks the woman is Greta Friedman. Can you believe he was with his future wife — then girlfriend — when he grabbed that woman? My wife would not have been that understanding.

Watch Friday as we go to town on the Rolling Stones and go one-on-one with Cal Ripkin. We'll try to get the NFL's reaction to the controversy and Cal's take on his new little league, which is taking America by storm. He kind of thinks instruction is more important than winning for his youngsters and that why kids are now coming to him and his league.

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