A 36-year-old man was arrested in London Tuesday in connection with the attempted July 21 terror bombings in London (search), FOX News has confirmed.

A little after noon EDT, the man was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Branch on suspicion of assisting an offender and alleged immigration offenses.

The man was taken to a central London police station, where he remained in custody and was to be interviewed, Sky News reported.

The suspect is being held under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (search), which is a different law than Britain's Terrorism Act. Forty people are being held in connection with the July 7 and July 21 terror attacks in London under the Terrorism Act.

Since all four of the July 7 bombers (search) are dead and the July 21 bombing suspects are in jail, questions remain over what sort of network these terrorists had.

FOX News' Amy Kellogg contributed to this report.