Another Storm Brewing as California Cleans Up After Wicked Weather

A week of stormy weather has left a mess across Southern California, and forecasters say another storm is on the way.

The National Weather Service says this one will be smaller than last week's storm. It should hit Tuesday evening and hang around for about two days.

Yesterday, many Southern Californians sought to take advantage of the sunshine and balmy temperatures by heading to the beach. But even there, they couldn't escape the weather's impact, with all manner of steaming trash covering beaches.

One local activist says waters from 52 cities in the Los Angeles metropolitan area drain into the San Gabriel River bed, sending litter and garbage flowing to the ocean each time there's a heavy rain.

The weather that created California's mess has moved east, and forecasters have issued winter weather and wind advisories for southern New Mexico. Higher elevations have received more than two feet of snow.