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Another right-wing conspiracy.  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.  California Governor Gray Davis (search) says his recall problem is a  hostile takeover by the right wing.  But with an approval rating barely over 20 percent, Mr. Davis must  be taking LSD if he really believes that.

Just about everybody in the Golden State wants the guy out of there with the possible exception of Barbra Streisand (search).  Governor Davis should own up to his incompetence and quit.  He raised spending more than 30 percent a year in his term, pandering to special interest votes and he misled the voters about the financial disaster that has to befallen California.

Davis has no solutions, only tired accusations.  Now you would think that Davis would just resign to retain a measure of self-respect.  Hey, great.  80 percent of the folks think you're doing a bad job.  They're not all conservatives.  Got it?

In any other situation, a business, a club, even a family, if you lead the enterprise into bankruptcy, you pay a price.  You either get fired or lose all credibility.  For far too long Americans have put up with elected officials who lie to them and turn in terrible performances.

Leon Panetta (search), who ran the Clinton White House for a time, says the recall is bad because it creates chaos.  With all due respect to Mr. Panetta, whom I like, Davis is the one who created the chaos.  A recall can only improve things for the people.

Talking Points hopes people all over the country start  thinking recall.  That message might wake up a few of these power hunger palls who will sell you out in a heart beat.

These louts should be held accountable and partisan politics be damned.  So I applaud the California recall, which has even changed the alphabet.  Now it's ABD, Anybody But Davis.

And that's The Memo.

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