Another Packed Show

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I just don't remember picking up a show folder and feeling it more packed than it was today. We had so much packed in its amazing we didn't beg "America's Newsroom" for some of their time!

As usual, the producing was just excellent as we jogged from the debates, the JFK terror plot, to Paris Hilton in prison to the Loch Ness Monster alive.

We were forced into action early today as President Bush had a presser with the president of the Czech Republic — with Russia very much on their minds. President Bush talked about President Putin's over-the-top reaction to the building of a missile shield — I imagine that they will be have a truly intense one-on-one meeting. I bet we will be on early a lot this week with the G-8 summit raging in Germany. Maybe Russia wants to mess with the G-8 agenda and make sure their concerns are not ignored?

If you missed today's show then you missed Miss Universe and Miss USA. Both are as impressive intellectually as they are physically, and let me tell you that Miss USA did us proud on the weather map! The highlight might have been the final half hour as we welcomed radio heavyweights Rick and Bubba and former Cowboy turned FOX guy, Troy Aikman. Both segments were flat out fun and if you watched I hope you agree.

It's a crazy week for me as I head once again to another FOX hotbed: Dayton, Ohio and our Troop Salute puts down stakes at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I will be signing my book — "It's How You Play the Game" — Thursday and signing at Books & Co. on Friday.

Most importantly I will be coming live from the base on Friday morning. If you are not going to Dayton and can't go to Hall of Heroes on Long Island in Roosevelt Field Saturday at 4 p.m., go to and I will personalize and send you a copy. Special thanks to all that came out in Sugarland, Texas to say hi and buy the book at Impact Player Partners and at Fort Hood.

Thanks for keeping us No. 1 making this show more fun to do than any other on the planet!


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