I know world events say otherwise, but I do not think Pat Robertson (search) is right about the world coming to a close. I'd hate to change planets and get used to a whole to atmosphere just as I hit my stride at 41.

But it's hard to ignore the large degree of tragedy all around us — the last of which comes from Pakistan (search), where about 40,000 lost their lives and about 50,000 suffered injury. My only hope is that thousands of terrorists are among the dead and maybe even Usama bin Laden (search). One can hope. On Monday, we booked the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan and he, along with Mike Tobin, gave us the latest news from the region — including word that many may be alive beneath the rubble.

Fresh off a sterling Sunday show, Kiran Chetry joined us for all three hours and was her usual informed sunny self. We talked a lot about Harriet Miers (search) and the outrage about her nomination on the right — which seems soooo over the top at this point.

It's nice to know there could be another terrorist from Iraq walking around New York City. It seems the New York Police Department is all over the terror threat and word is that the Department of Homeland Security is bent out of shape that they weren't in on the drastically stepped up security. We had the former NYPD commissioner — now Miami's top cop — on and he let us know he still does not know who is in charge of national security. Great! Trouble next door and we don't know who to dial? Michael Chertoff or John Negroponte? That's a joke and we will follow up on this, we promise.

Finally, you had a chance to see how messy my office was — believe me that office was for real, before and after. Keep in mind though that I had been gone for a week and nine days of mail was on the floor. That was taped a month ago and it's pretty much as you saw it today — still!

Tuesday we can expect to have the great Tiki Barber in the first hour. He has to practice at 8:30 a.m., but promises to be with us at 6 a.m. ET anyway.

If you want Tiki's kids book, run to the local bookstore and you'll see it out front. And if you want a signed copy of the paperback "The Games Do Count" go to www.briankilmeade.com. Keep watching and have a great day!


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