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JULIE BANDERAS, HOST: All right. So he just joined the conga line of men claiming the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. Yep, there are five men in a row. Smith's former bodyguard is the very latest now saying he could be the daddy of Dannielynn.

Alexander Denk is with me now along with his attorney, Cyrus Nownejad. Thank you, gentlemen, for talking to me today. Alex, I want to go to you first. Are you friends with Howard K. Stern by any chance?

ALEXANDER DENK, ANNA NICOLE'S FORMER BODYGUARD: Hi. Thank you very much for having me on the show. I'm very sad that Anna is not with us anymore, first of all. I am friends with Howard Stern. I knew Howard for five and a half years, the same I knew Anna. And I can say nothing but good things about Howard, what I experienced. And that's what I want to tell everybody. I was there and I saw Howard taking care of Daniel, taking care of Anna. I mean, for over 15 years, he is on her side. If Anna wouldn't have liked to have Howard there, she could have just said no, you know what I mean.

So I have nothing but good things to say in my admiration of Howard. He was there for her through thick and thin and did so many things for her and for Daniel as well. He cared about Daniel.

BANDERAS: All right. For the very first time we're about to show exclusive photos to our viewers of you and Anna Nicole Smith kissing. And this is the very first time we have seen these pictures of Anna Nicole and you kissing.

So this is proof right there that you two did have an intimate relationship. Whether or not the two of you slept together and whether or not you were the father, of course, is to be determined. But when you were in a relationship with her, was she at the same time in a relationship with Howard K. Stern?

DENK: We were in a relationship. I knew Anna for five and a half years. We were intimate on and off for five years. I was not there 24 hours a day.

BANDERAS: Was she sleeping with you and with Howard K. Stern at the same time, do you believe?

CYRUS NOWNEJAD, ALEX DENK'S ATTORNEY: My client was intimate with her on and off. For the last five and a half years, he was with Anna Nicole. You know, I don't think he could say one way or the other whether — what Howard Stern was doing because he wasn't there.


NOWNEJAD: They were friends and there was a little tension between the two. But, you know, they all got along. Howard eventually accepted my client. And they are friends.

BANDERAS: All right. So let me ask you, Cyrus, then, the obvious question here. This is man number five that has come forward.

Why five months after she gave baby Dannielynn life, did, I guess, your client decide to come out and say he could be the dad? Why now?

NOWNEJAD: Well, first of all, it wasn't an issue until her death. And he was her confidant. He worked for her as her personal trainer, bodyguard and chef also. You don't want to disclose personal things when you work for a celebrity and personal conversations. That's the first and foremost rule in Hollywood. Otherwise, you lose your job immediately, basically, and they lose your trust. So nobody asked, in short, until now. And then...

BANDERAS: I'm sorry, I just have to ask Alex because we have got under 30 seconds here. Did you want to have a relationship with this little girl that you believe could possibly be your daughter?

DENK: Oh, definitely. I mean, Anna always told me I want you to be there and care for Dannielynn no matter what, no matter who is the father, because I took care of Anna with her health and everything, and she wanted to make sure her baby is healthy.

And also this thing about the dieting and stuff, she doesn't want her baby to be overweight and obese. She wants to make sure she is healthy.

BANDERAS: We have to go. From zero to 100 percent, how sure are you that you're the dad?

NOWNEJAD: He's not sure. He can't put a number on it.

BANDERAS: Fifty-fifty?

NOWNEJAD: He can't quantify it. He was intimate with her about at that time. That's his recollection.

BANDERAS: All right. Cyrus Nownejad and Alexander Denk. Thank you so much for talking to us.

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