Anna Nicole Smith's mother publicly begged her daughter in November to stop taking drugs and begin a new life, celebrity gossip site TMZ.com reported Thursday.

"Vickie Lynn, please, you have a family, baby … we're still here for you," Virgie Arthur said on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show." "You don't have to have drugs, you've got a beautiful baby girl now. You need to start life over, you need to be a great mom and live life now."

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Smith, 39, died suddenly Thursday afternoon at a south Florida hospital after her nurse discovered that she was unresponsive in her hotel room.

An autopsy will be performed Friday and a cause of death released then by the Broward County medical examiner. Speculation swirled Thursday that Smith died of a drug overdose.

Arthur told Ablow that she'd long been worried about her daughter's drug habits.

"I'm disappointed that she got mixed up in drugs and the wrong people … she lives on drugs now," Smith's mother said in November.

Arthur also said that she didn't believe Smith's current boyfriend and sometimes lawyer, Howard K. Stern, was the father of her infant daughter.

Smith had been tangled up in a paternity lawsuit over the baby girl when she died, with former boyfriend Larry Birkhead claiming to be the father of 4-month-old Dannielynn Hope Marshall. A hearing in the case is set to go forward on Friday.

Smith's other child, a 20-year-old son named Daniel Smith, died of a drug overdose in September in his mother's hospital room in the Bahamas just days after the birth of her daughter.

Anna Nicole Smith was said to be inconsolable over her son's death.

Her mother also made an eerie prediction on a cable news legal show in October.

"If Howard Stern marries her and she ends up dead, then who does the money go [to]?" Arthur said then. "[Her son] Danny's not there."

Meanwhile, a film that Anna Nicole Smith had been shooting won't be released as scheduled in April, TMZ reported, quoting director and executive producer David Giancola of Edgewood Studios.

Giancola told TMZ that he didn't know when "Illegal Aliens" — which poked fun at her ditzy blonde persona but stopped production when Smith's son died in September — would be released.

The director said those who worked on the movie were in shock over Smith's death. Smith was listed as a producer on the project and her late son was an associate producer.

FOXNews.com's Catherine Donaldson-Evans compiled and wrote this story