Anna Nicole Smith has been discharged from the hospital where she spent a week receiving treatment for pneumonia, an attorney for the reality TV star said Tuesday.

Physicians at Doctors Hospital released the 38-year-old former Playboy Playmate on Monday after determining that her collapsed lung had stabilized, attorney Wayne Munroe told The Associated Press.

Smith, who checked into the hospital Oct. 30 with pain in her side, was staying at the same facility in September when she gave birth to a daughter, Dannielynn, and her adult son died while visiting her three days later.

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"I think it takes quite some time to recover from a collapsed lung, and you have to keep up the breathing exercises for some time," Munroe said. "But she's shown a high threshold for pain, having been through so much recently."

After leaving the hospital, Smith returned to the waterfront home that has been the subject an ownership dispute between her and a South Carolina businessman, Munroe said. G. Ben Thompson has said that Smith has not honored an agreement to pay the mortgage. He is seeking her eviction from the gated mansion known as "Horizons."

Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel, died at his mother's bedside on Sept. 10. A pathologist who conducted a private autopsy said he died from the accidental combination of methadone and two antidepressants.

The results of official toxicology tests and a police investigation into his death have not been released.