Anna Nicole Smith (search) is jumping to the defense of Kirstie Alley (search), though it's not clear she needs the help.

Referring to the media's coverage of Alley's increased weight since her days on "Cheers," Smith, a former plus-size model, told syndicated entertainment TV show "Access Hollywood" on Tuesday, "They are just being so mean to her." Excerpts of the interview were released in advance.

Alley's weight problems have been well documented by the tabloids, but she's not running from them. In a reality-comedy series for Showtime, the actress will send up her own image, as well as Hollywood's obsession with weight and beauty, in "Fat Actress" (search). The half-hour series will air sometime next year.

Smith has dealt with her own tabloid coverage, including reports on her recent 69-pound weight loss. She says, "I'm so tired of hearing, 'Oh, she's had bypass surgery ... she's had liposuction. None of it is true."

Instead, Smith says the slimming down is due to a healthier diet and Trimspa, a weight loss supplement she advertises.

Exercise is absolutely not a part of it, though. The former Playboy playmate says, "No, I hate it."