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Thursday night's show will originate in New York City (Friday night will too.) We are in New York for two reasons — some interviews that we want to do in New York City and so that the entire staff can go out to dinner together. As you might imagine, it is hard to find a night when everyone is free to go out to dinner. Since we are spread among cities, it is nice to get everyone together at least one night a year. We pick New York City since most of our staff work there.

And if you think scheduling a staff for a dinner is hard, imagine the problems we face scheduling vacations for everyone during the month of December. Even though it is holiday time, we still do our show every night, which means we need a staff. I sure don't do this show alone... it is put on by many hard-working people. The staffing may run a bit thin during the holiday season as we try and accommodate everyone taking some time off. Last year I had planned to take off the week between Christmas and New Years, but came back early to work when the tsunami struck Southeast Asia. I was happy to come off vacation. No one could enjoy a vacation knowing so much tragedy was going on.

As for the interviews in New York City today, it includes 39 animals. Jack Hanna is bringing 39 animals to the New York bureau. As many of you know, I am an animal lover and jump through every hoop to interview Jack and the animals. I specifically asked about a particular breed of penguin I love and I was told this breed would be in the thirty-nine. I am hoping a penguin — the one named J.B. — will entertain us on camera like he did for us at the Columbus Zoo in May. I want you to see this remarkable animal. I am not sure when we will air the interview with Jack and the animals... stay tuned.

And yes, the blog IS short today, I had to get up early and catch a flight.

Here are some randomly selected e-mails, followed by some articles and followed by a question:

E-mail No. 1

Hey, I have a pet peeve... how is it that you can solicit the readers to write your column for you when you feel like taking a day off? How do I get on that gravy train? My boss would toss me out on my ear!
Monroe, CT

ANSWER: Taking the day off? Not sure I know what you mean...

E-mail No. 2

I could not believe all of the responses from people complaining and whining about people wearing too much perfume or cologne and people talking too loudly on their cell phone. Get a life! What's next, people complaining about gum chewers because they smack their gum too loudly? Complaining about people breathing too loudly? Let's face it, we will always have our pet peeves and most of the time there's nothing we can do about it. Didn't our parents teach us that life's not fair? Just deal with it.
Baton Rouge, LA

E-mail No. 3

Would it have been better if the sky marshals had been equipped with taser guns?
Denny Johnson
Rockford, IL

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I don't care if anyone wears a lot of perfume/cologne. I also don't care if someone talks loudly on a cell phone in public. However, I do care think it rude when someone is speaking another language, other than English, in front of you... that is rude!
As always,

E-mail No. 5

If you have any interest in Johnny Cash and his music you have to see the movie. I went last Saturday, and it was great. I soon forgot I was watching two actors, it was that good. All the best (another pet peeve) a few seats down some guy had to keep talking to his lady friend during the movie.) I hate that!

E-mail No. 6

Hello Greta,
It's disgusting to hear to the cheerleaders of the air marshal who killed an innocent passenger. The cheerleaders defending to those criminals forget something important:
1) Luggage in Colombia had to pass more inspections than in the U.S. (about 4)
2) The man was obviously insane since his wife was warning everyone on his metal condition.
3) Six shots were fired with the intention to kill not just to immobilize.
4) Terrorists are Muslim Arabs not Hispanics.
It seems to me that the air marshal was just trying to justify his salary and satisfy his natural aggression, killing someone under the protection of the establishment.

E-mail No. 7

My wife thinks that it is wonder they have not blamed her, since the Aruba government seems to want to blame everyone but themselves. So, she makes this offer: She will officially take all the blame for the botched investigation in Aruba. Now that blame has been firmly established, perhaps the Aruban government can move on to solving this crime.
This is a significant offer since she usually wants me to take the blame.
Dennis J. Gillig

E-mail No. 8

What if the wife dropped off the husband and he ended up dead? Would we think different?

E-mail No. 9

Ms. Van Susteren,
I just watched your report about the man who was shot by a federal air marshal after claiming to have a bomb in his carry on.
If passenger airline safety is really your concern, then why don't you report on the fact that Northwest Airlines is attempting to outsource their U.S. citizen flight attendant staff with foreign nationals from India and China. These individuals would work flights in the United States and would not be subject to the 10-year criminal security background check that crewmembers currently have to go through. As we just passed the 4th anniversary of September 11th, do we really want our airplanes staffed with non-U.S. citizens?
For the sake of thousands of American jobs and for the sake of our homeland security, please Greta, cover this story. Help prevent this from happening before it is too late!
Christa Haeffner
Portland, OR

E-mail No. 10

Dear Greta,
It is outrageous that Aruba has the colossal gall to say that Natalee's parents have delayed the investigation when they must remember that it was Joran and the Kalpoe brothers who lied, threw the investigation off the track by blaming two black men. They must remember how much time they spent investigating these innocent men, and if Beth Twitty hadn't entered the picture they no doubt would have found the two innocent men guilty and probably would have put them to death and declared that the case was solved.
Aruba should not get by with this. They have needlessly put Natalee's parents through Hell. There can be no doubt that Joran, the Kalpoe brothers and possibly Joran's father know what happened to Natalee and where they put her body.
Martha Tekula
Wenatchee, WA

E-mail No. 11

Come on, Greta!
Let me first say, Greta, that I hold you in the highest regard.
Greta, I am disappointed that you would introduce such a topic like "excessive perfume in closed areas," or "loud people on cell phones." Anyone could guess the content of the responses. I think it is likely that over half of the uneducated ridiculous responses given, who rant in such a hateful manner, are the same clueless people who offend others of the very topic in which they seem to be so passionate about.
I know you must be very busy. But if I am to read your blog, it is your thoughts and ideas that would hold my interest, regardless of the brevity.
Jeff Onsager
Bellevue, NE

Now for some articles that I thought might interest you:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco woman has been convicted of sending an Internet death threat aimed at the husband of Terri Schiavo and a Florida judge overseeing the case of the brain-damaged woman.

The jury deliberated for three hours yesterday before finding Dera Marie Jones guilty transmitting a threat in interstate commerce.

Jones wrote on an AOL message board dedicated to the Terri Schiavo case — quote — "IF SHE DIES, I WILL KILL MICHAEL SCHIAVO AND THE JUDGE THIS IS FOR REAL!"

Jones remains free on bond. She is scheduled to be sentenced on March 15th.

Terri Schiavo suffered a brain injury in 1990 that left her in what some doctors called a "persistent vegetative state." Her parents sought to keep her feeding tube in place while her husband pushed to have it removed, citing her wishes and setting off a bitter court battle.

Schiavo died on March 31st.

SEATTLE (AP) — The Seattle Aquarium has a new baby otter.

One of its otters, named Lootas, gave birth last night to a pup.

Both are doing well today. This is the fourth live pup for Lootas.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A Louisville Metro Council committee will hold a public hearing this afternoon on a proposal to rescind a city law that bans elephant rides.

The ban was enacted 15 years ago by Jefferson County government and was adopted by metro government when the city and county merged in 2003.

The Louisville Shriners organization wants the ban lifted so it can offer elephant rides during its annual circus. The organization uses the rides to raise funds for its various projects.

Animal rights activists and others say the rides pose a safety hazard, as elephants have been known to turn on their handlers and could pose a threat to riders. Louisville Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell is sponsoring a measure that would rescind the ban.

(The public hearing starts at 4 p.m. at City Hall. Blackwell says ten people from each side will be permitted to testify for up to three minutes. The issue will then be debated by the Metro Council's Community Affairs Committee, chaired by Blackwell.)

(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Finally, a question: What would you do at this point if you were Beth Holloway Twitty or Dave Holloway?

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