Oh, how quickly randy can turn into angry.

A drunk British couple making the 10-hour flight to Kingston, Jamaica, in business class decided to try to join the "mile-high club" in one of the bathrooms, according to The (London) Sun.

Cries of ecstasy alerted British Airways employees to the lovemaking in the loo; they knocked on the door and told the canoodling couple to cut it out and return to the cabin.

That's when it got ugly: As their fellow passengers looked on aghast, the boinkers went bonkers and picked a fight with flight attendants.

"They were asked politely to return to their seats but went ballistic. They were shouting vile abuse and spitting at staff," one passenger told The Sun.

"The captain tried to calm them down but they were just as abusive to him," another passenger told the paper.

The pilot decided he had no choice but to divert the flight to Bermuda — even though the "mile-high fight club" duo were restrained with plastic handcuffs.

Cops in Bermuda held the couple, who were booked for a two-week Jamaica trip, until they could be put on a flight back to Gatwick.

The amorous twosome now may face air rage charges -- and they also may have to pay the $58,950 cost for diverting the plane.

How the Christmas Grinch Was Stolen

MANDAN, N.D. (AP) — Police are on the trail of the Grinch. Lori Ihli and Mike Moszer said they woke up Sunday morning to find someone had stolen the 8-foot inflatable Grinch from their yard in Mandan.

Police Chief Dennis Rohr said it is the first reported stolen holiday decoration of the season.

"We generally get a couple reports like this each Christmas," Rohr said. "We have a notice out, but no suspects."

He said people who decorate their yards risk having items stolen. "Anytime you put something out, there's always the chance people will take it," Rohr said. "So far, we haven't had anything I'd call a rash of this behavior."

Ihli said stealing the Grinch, worth $60, would not have been easy. It was staked down with cords and attached to a fan to keep it inflated, she said.

Moszer also said it has a zipper on the side, not easy to see, to increase deflation time.

"Even if you use the zipper, it still takes a good three or four minutes to deflate," he said.

Ihli and Moszer said other decorations in their yard were left, including a large blow-up bear and the Grinch's dog.

"I'm not going to take the other decorations down," Moszer said. "I'm not going to let something like this ruin Christmas."

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Can't Stop Stealin' That Baby Jesus

CHEVIOT, Ohio (AP) — The life-size baby Jesus from this Cincinnati suburb's nativity scene has disappeared again. This time, one of the sheep is missing, too.

"At first, we thought it was just a prank and they would be returned quickly," said Steve Neal, Cheviot's safety service director.

Several years ago, a thief took the baby Jesus, but only for a day, Neal said. It was recovered after a tip.

Neal said Tuesday that authorities have no leads in the latest disappearance.

A city employee noticed the figures were gone last Thursday.

"If something happens to one of the figures, I don't know where I would go to get a new one," Neal said.

Maybe This Guy Actually Deserves to Escape ...

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Police were searching for a man who fled a New Zealand hospital spinal unit -- wearing a traction apparatus and with both arms in casts.

The man disappeared Wednesday from the Burwood Spinal Unit in the southern city of Christchurch wearing a traction "halo" to correct a serious neck injury and elbow-to-wrist plaster casts, police said in a statement.

Removing the halo could cause potentially fatal injuries, police said.

It was not immediately clear how the man sustained the injuries that put him in hospital, nor why he fled before completing his treatment.

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The Ultimate Panty Raid

HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — A man who stole thousands of pairs of underwear has reached a plea deal in Washington County and has been sentenced to 52 months in prison.

Sung Koo Kim has already been sentenced to more than five years in prison in Yamhill County for stealing women's underwear.

In Yamhill County, Kim stole bras and panties from at least eight women at George Fox University in Newberg and Linfield College in McMinnville during the spring of 2004.

He still faces criminal charges in Multnomah and Benton counties.

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Is That Donner or Blitzen in My Trunk?

HAYDEN, Idaho (AP) — The prancing and pawing of each little hoof came from the trunk, not from the roof. That's what a Kootenai County sheriff's deputy found when he stopped to help a stranded traveler over the weekend and instead discovered a live but badly wounded deer stashed inside the trunk of a 1991 Buick Century.

The incident began Sunday, when a good Samaritan who stopped to help a car stuck in the ditch smelled alcohol and noticed some venison — uncut and still kicking — in the trunk. She called 911.

When the deputy arrived, 20-year-old Ryan Caples was still trying to free the car from the ditch and the doe was still trying to free itself from the trunk, kicking up a clatter with its broken legs.

Caples allegedly told police he was a passenger in the car when it hit the deer and careened into the ditch. The driver, identified only as a man named Travis, allegedly left the scene after helping Caples put the deer in the trunk. Apparently he had planned to take the animal to another location, but the stuck Buick thwarted his plans.

The deer was shot — by the deputy — and Caples was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. He was released on bond from jail Monday, and could not immediately be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating possible game violations involving the deer.

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Why Don't You Just Put the Cuffs on Yourselves?

REDLANDS, Calif. (AP) — Police in California say they had a lot of help nabbing a pair of car theft suspects -- from the suspects themselves.

The men left behind not only fingerprints, but also photos of themselves sitting inside and standing outside the stolen 2001 Ford Mustang, police said.

The photos were taken with a disposable camera the suspects found in the Mustang, which they left behind when they abandoned the car.

"These are not the brightest people," said Carl Baker, a Redlands police department spokesman.

The fingerprints and photos led police to the Redlands home of Albert Engelsman on Friday. Police say he was wearing the same shirt he had on in the photographs.

"Once he was confronted with this evidence, he pretty much realized he was done in," Baker said.

Engelsman, 28, was charged with grand theft auto and possession of stolen property, Baker said. He is free on bail.

An arrest warrant on the same charges has been issued for his alleged accomplice, Matthew Montanez, 22, of Rialto, Baker said.

Both men have unlisted telephone numbers.

Redlands is about 80 miles east of Los Angeles.

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