So finally New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s a rock star for getting nine of the top 10 AIG execs to give up their bonuses.

That'll show 'em, politicians say.

Show them what, I say? That executives can be intimidated and shamed by the government?

This is new?

I'm not here to defend executives who got bonuses, but the government deciding which executives shouldn't have gotten those bonuses. Because I want you think about just that.

The government, under the guise of the public trust, ripping up private contracts — private contracts about which politicians were fully briefed. And had the nerve to feign rage — outrage — when they were exposed for being fully ignorant. Unaware of contracts they should have read before they plunked down taxpayer dollars into a rescue they should have rethought.

So if government is big enough to redo the contracts of workers it deems sinners on the public dole, how much of a stretch do you think it is to extend that oversight to businesses that do business with those on the public dole?

Believe me, I’m no apologist for AIG. I'm just less of an apologist for the folks lecturing AIG: our politicians.

Politicians who have trouble enough policing their books and now have taken it upon themselves to police others. How soon do you think it is before they're policing ours?

Where does this revolving moral machine gun fire next? Pharmaceutical companies whose drug prices they find obscene? Hot new green technologies the government doesn't find green enough?

When do we Americans say enough is enough?

How about now?

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