Anderson Most Wanted Celeb Poker Opponent

Pamela Anderson (search) wins with a full house. In an online survey conducted by, 42 percent of the Web site's VIPs selected model-actress Anderson as the celebrity they would most like to play against.

"Our players clearly think Pamela Anderson isn't too bright or maybe they just want to ogle her," said Ron Burke,'s marketing manager.

Dennis Rodman (search) was a distant second with 24 percent, James Woods shuffled 13 percent, Dave Navarro was picked by 10 percent, skateboarder Tony Hawk and Matt Damon each drew 3 percent, Donald Trump was selected by 2 percent and 1 percent said Ben Affleck. Hank Azaria, Michael Ian Black, Ron Artest, Clay Aiken and Teri Hatcher also picked up votes.

"Many of our respondents also said they felt they could read Dennis Rodman's expressions and didn't think he would be very competitive," said Burke in a recent statement. "Only 1 percent of our players said they would want to play against Ben Affleck. Apparently, his poker skills precede him."

Well, maybe not. When asked which celebrity would be most likely to cheat at poker, 37 percent of those surveyed chose Affleck.

"Our players clearly see Ben Affleck and James Woods as no-nonsense, hardcore poker players and it's quite interesting that they would seem to be the most likely to cheat," said Burke.