Do 12 empty rocket shells constitute a smoking gun? Do the 12 weapons Iraq forgot to report or hide constitute a smoking gun?

I say forgot to hide. Another 14,000 are hidden somewhere and they may not be found until after the American invasion.

That's the tough part. Iraq hasn't even reported the destruction of the other 14,000 shells they had at one time, but that's beside the point.

The point, as laid out by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the Brits, the EU and a whole bunch of others who probably do not want war, is that Saddam Hussein is supposed to be cooperating with the inspectors, helping them find the weapons he may have built years ago, including new ones.

That requirement is in itself a smoking gun or trip wire, because nobody, but nobody ever really expected Saddam to lead inspectors to his stash of chem, bio and nuke weapons.

I didn't. Did you?

So the people who are screeching for a second vote in the U.N. should realize the countries that would vote are the same countries that would require Saddam's cooperation.

Think they're going to be happy that he's defying them?

Frankly, after all this noise, I think the U.N. will take a second vote and it will be exactly the same as the first vote... and that means Saddam is on the bulls-eye.

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