President Bush is trying to lasso the U.N. into Iraq, and as usual — the members of that esteemed and august body of thieves will only go if dragged kicking and screaming, their own words typed up and taped to their noses.

They said they wouldn't go unless the Iraqis had sovereignty. Well, guess what? They're going to have it July 1 come Hades or high water.

For the average Euro who thinks American soldiers are Abu Ghraib (search) dolts with nothing better to do than tighten thumb screws and humiliate naked Arabs... I'd like them to look at this one picture I saw on the Web.

It shows a U.S. soldier with a patch of the American flag on his shoulder, followed by a patch that says "Doing the work of..." followed by the flags of Russia, France and Germany.

That's good, ain't it?

The coalition of the unwilling — those flags of Russia, France and Germany...

They were the ones who enabled Saddam Hussein (search), defended him and proselytized for him... because he was paying them off big time, in billions of tons of oil, which adds up to billions and billions of dollars.

In their defense, I guess you could say that at least they weren't hypocrites... taking Saddam's money and then joining the invasion force. Once bought, they stay bought, I guess you could say.

But never let it be said that the American soldier is just a burger-chomping warmonger.

The guy in the photo had it right. Americans are doing the work of Russia, Germany and France.

I just hope the picture I saw is real, and that our soldiers on the ground have the cojones to actually wear those patches on their uniforms.

You never know with these Internet pictures, but I do hope it's real.

That's My Word.

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