American Idol, Lance Bass and Gwyneth Paltrow in The Foxlight.

Are high speed computers and "phone phreaks" calling in really swaying the votes on American Idol? Some say yes, but honestly, hasn't everyone who's gotten the boot so far deserved it? If we can vote for something, how about to bring back "mean" Simon. His new de-fanged act is boring.

So Lance Bass may not be a space cadet after all? Slow payments are said to be turning the Ruskies into 'pull the plug-niks.' A producer for Lance -- whose undergoing rigorous Russian training -- says it's a paperwork problem. Too much "red" tape? Too bad, Tang goes well with vodka.

Speaking of bad music, guess who says that's a category she calls a guilty pleasure? Gwyneth Paltrow may look hoity-toity but she spills all for the Foxlight.

Paltrow: "You know, like sort of cheesy pop top 40. Not the teen music. I don't get that."

McCuddy: "So no Britney, no boy bands?"

Paltrow: "No, it hasn't gone that low."

McCuddy: "Do you get (funny) looks at the cash register?"

Paltrow: "Yes!"

McCuddy: "Oh this is for a niece?"

Paltrow: (laughing) "Yes!"