All about American Idol in The Foxlight.

There was no romance between the winner and the runner-up on American Idol, but Kelly Clarkson says she and second place idol Justin will have a song together on her new album.

Ask her about the rest of her schedule though and it sounds like it's a little hectic.

Clarkson: "I asked for four days off to recoup, but then it's on to the tour, the record, everything."

McCuddy: "When do you go into a studio?"

Clarkson: "I have no idea."

Attention handlers, get her some rest and get her a schedule.

One other American Idol question: When did everybody have time to rehearse those big numbers for Wednesday night's show? Have they been practicing for weeks not knowing who the winner would be? It looked like it. And here's a Foxlight prediction: The tour will be a huge success. Just hope no one turns into a diva.

Finally, Simon Cowell says he wants a $1 million for the winter version of American Idol. And he's going to get it. How about pulling a Friends-type 'all for one' move and insisting that Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson get the same thing? C'mon, Simon, you can be nice if you try.