So Alan Cumming, the fourth most famous export from Scotland (behind haggis, red hair and Groundskeeper Willie) writes at The Huffington Post that America is "comforted by mediocrity."

This coming from an actor — as Defamer points out — who starred in "Tin Man" and "Son of the Mask."

Now, an actor bashing America isn't earth-shattering. I mean, if I reacted to every one, I'd never have time for pilates or crank. But after doing his perfunctory preamble about how great America is — before, of course, trashing it to bits — Alan also claims that America "lets its poor die."

Hold on, fella. I mean, I can understand all the Bush-hating and other predictable forms of Arianna ingratiation, but saying an entire country kills poor people? I must have missed this on my shortwave radio.

Anyway, it might help to remind Alan that America does more for the poor than ANY country in the world — past, present, and most likely, future. I mean, we help the poor to the point that it really hurts (see the housing crisis).

America remains the only place on the planet where the line to get in could snake around the planet. If America was as evil as our man Alan reports, there would be a line of similar, or any, length to leave. But there is no such line, eerily similar to the one at the box office for "Josie and the Pussy Cats."

I don't know why Alan overlooks the pain and suffering in other horrible places in the world, instead to focus all his energy on the country that greeted him with open arms. I mean, true, America is no Scotland, but maybe that's why he came here.

But maybe Alan's too busy for a nuanced debate. After all, those cartoon cats aren't going to voice themselves.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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