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No one outside the inner councils of the Bush administration knows exactly what is next in the war on terror.

However, there is a widely held view that the U.S. will never be safe with Saddam Hussein still in power in Iraq.

Here is a man who has murdered his own people, invaded his neighbors and conducted a reign of terror during which has included a relentless pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. Not to mention his effort to assassinate former President Bush.

This weekend, join host Brit Hume as Fox News takes a closer look at Iraq.

What are the links between Saddam Hussein and terrorist attacks against the United States? We'll ask former CIA Director James Woolsey.

What would it take to build a new coalition against Iraq? We'll find out from former special Middle East envoy and current Fox News foreign affairs analyst Dennis Ross.

Is going after Iraq the right move? We'll hear from a skeptic, former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter.

What do the military planners see when they study potential targets in Iraq? We'll have a war room briefing from retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General and current Fox News military analyst Tom McInerney.