Amber Frey's Attorney Talks About the Peterson Trial

This is a partial transcript from On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, June 1, 2004 that has been edited for clarity.

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AMBER FREY, SCOTT PETERSON'S FORMER LOVER:  I was introduced to him.  I was told he was unmarried.  Scott told me he was not married.  We did have a romantic relationship.


VAN SUSTEREN:  Scott Peterson's phone calls to Amber Frey took center stage in court today.  But when will Amber Frey take the stand herself?  Joining us from Redwood City is Amber Frey's attorney, Gloria Allred.  All right, Gloria, as the trial is now unfolding, we're going to hear the defense opening statement tomorrow, and then the witnesses are going to roll in for the prosecution.  Is your client in the front of the list or the back of the list.

GLORIA ALLRED, AMBER FREY'S ATTORNEY:  She's not going to be testifying this week.  And at this time, the prosecution has not indicated the exact date on which she will testify.

VAN SUSTEREN:  All right.  It was very dramatic in that courtroom today.  We actually got to hear your client's voice.  Tell us about it.

ALLRED:  It was very dramatic, Greta, and it was kind of a lovey-dovey conversation between Scott Peterson and Amber Frey.  And Scott Peterson had many such conversations with Amber, which, of course, were being recorded at the request of the police.

VAN SUSTEREN:  By -- she agreed to that.

ALLRED:  Yes, she agreed to that.  Of course, she contacted law enforcement when she discovered that Scott was married and Laci, his wife, was missing, and they asked her to record conversations with Scott, and she did.  And there were numerous such conversations, some of which were played for the jury today.

VAN SUSTEREN:  You know, what I thought was so powerful for the prosecution -- of course, we're going to hear from the defense tomorrow.  But what was powerful for the prosecution is that the day the community in Modesto held a vigil for Laci, it was said that Scott arrived late.  Then what the prosecutor did was, he brought out a tape of the conversation that apparently occurred as he was supposed to be at this vigil, a conversation with your client, in which he says, I'm in Brussels, I'm in Belgium.

ALLRED:  Greta, I think that's an excellent point.  Scott Peterson is a man who seems to lie to everyone.  He lies to Amber Frey about being married and about where he is in that phone conversation.  And by the way, what's he doing talking to Amber, a woman with whom he's had the relationship while he's married, and now his wife is missing and there's a -- there's a search party, there's a prayer vigil, and 'she on the phone with Amber.

VAN SUSTEREN:  But tomorrow we're going to hear from Mark Geragos. Mark Geragos is going to say, Look, the guy's a liar.  The guy's a cad.  The guy's horrible.  But yesterday, the prosecutor never said this guy, Scott Peterson, killed Laci.  He never said it.  And there's no murder weapon, there's no murder scene, there's nothing.  It's just that Scott Peterson is a liar, he's a rotten husband.

ALLRED:  Well, actually, I think the prosecutors are professionals.  They're not Mr. Hollywood.  They are professional district attorneys.  They did ask the jury at the end, they said they're going to be asking them to return a verdict of guilty.  But today was not argument.

VAN SUSTEREN:  But shouldn't -- but shouldn't...

ALLRED:  Today was opening statement.  And in fact, whenever they veered a little bit into argument, Mark Geragos objected.

VAN SUSTEREN:  But it's not argument to say that the facts show he murdered her.  That's not argument.  That's -- that's -- you know, that's what the prosecution's duty is, is to say, The evidence shows this.

ALLRED:  Well, he's indicated that he is going to ask them for a verdict of guilty, and I think that's the same as saying the evidence shows that, according to the prosecution, or the evidence will show that he should be found guilty.

VAN SUSTEREN:  Biggest surprise for you in the last 30 seconds we have left?  Biggest surprise today?

ALLRED:  I don't think that, really, there were surprises, as far as I was concerned.  But there's such a web of secrets and lies that Scott Peterson has woven.  He lied to the detectives.  He lied to the family.  He lied to everyone.  And you know, I don't know that he can tell the truth.  I don't know how he's going to be able to testify, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN:  And -- and...

ALLRED:  I just don't know how he'll be able to do that without -- you know, how can he untangle these lies he's told?

VAN SUSTEREN:  But it's always interesting to hear from the other side, which we'll hear tomorrow.  Gloria, thank you.

ALLRED:  Thank you.

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