The Web site for department store giant Sears offered a gruesome sales pitch Thursday — a grill that could "cook babies" and be used to roast body parts.

The goof, first reported by TMZ.com, listed any grill viewed by visitors to the company's Web site under the category of "human cooking > Grills to Cook Babies and More > Body Part Roaster." The wording apparently was the work of a mischievous customer and, when discovered, was quickly changed, but not before TMZ.com captured a screengrab.

Representatives from Sears said they were victimized by "someone visiting" the company's Web site.

"We discovered earlier today that someone visiting our site had defaced a limited number of product pages," the company said in a written statement to FOXNews.com. "It’s important for our customers to know that we have no reason to believe that any of our customer or financial data were compromised.

"We’ve already taken steps to prevent this from happening again. We sincerely apologize to any customers who may have seen this on our site."

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