Alleged NYC Stabber: Brush-Off by Canadian Women Fueled Attacks

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A man accused of stabbing two Canadian women walking in Manhattan's theater district told investigators he was angry because when he tried to talk to them, they snubbed him, according to a police report made public Monday during his arraignment.

"Yeah, those white girls. ... They don't want to talk to anybody, so I went after them," Kenny Alexis allegedly told investigators.

Alexis, a Haitian living in Boston on a student visa, pleaded not guilty on Monday to attempted murder and assault of the Canadian tourists and two other victims elsewhere last month during a 13-hour rampage. He was being held without bail pending the outcome of psychiatric tests to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

Defense attorney Candace Kurtz declined comment. At an earlier court appearance, the lawyer said she believed her client was mentally ill.

While being questioned on June 14, Alexis, 20, "at times would drift away and mumble words that couldn't be understood," the police report said, making investigators suspicious he was using illegal or prescription drugs.

Alexis told investigators that he had arrived from Boston on June 12. The next afternoon, he was riding on a subway train in Harlem when he noticed another tourist looking at him and sensed "this male was out to get him," the report said.

The defendant allegedly admitted pulling a knife from his pocket and stabbing Christopher McCarthy, 21, of Houston, before fleeing. About 12 hours later, he stabbed Ambrosio Castro, 30, of Brooklyn, on a Rockefeller Center subway platform because he "felt threatened" by him, the report said.

Alexis allegedly struck again a short time later after approaching Melanie Carrier, 22, and Audrey Perrier, 25, as they crossed Broadway at 47th Street. The defendant "was upset that they wouldn't talk to him so he quickly followed behind them" and stabbed each in the back, the report said.