An investor who claims she had an affair 16 years ago with failed financier Bernard Madoff said Tuesday she plans to forward him a copy of her book about the alleged relationship to his jail cell.

Sheryl Weinstein smiled as she told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday that she wants Madoff to read her account. Madoff is serving a 150-year jail term for the massive Ponzi scheme that bilked thousands of investors, including Weinstein.

Weinstein's book, "Madoff's Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie and Me" hit bookstores Tuesday as Weinstein hit the interview circuit.

Weinstein said she hopes the book will replenish her family's ruined finances.

She had said previously that she met Madoff, now 71, at a business meeting when she was chief financial officer for the charitable women's organization Hadassah, where she had a role in investment decisions.

At Madoff's June sentencing, Weinstein was among investors to urge a long prison sentence for the financier, who admitted ripping off thousands of investors for billions of dollars for at least two decades.

Weinstein said her investment losses had forced her to sell her Manhattan home and devastated her, her husband of 37 years, her son, her parents, her in-laws and everyone who depended on them. She called Madoff "that terror, that monster, that horror, that beast ... an equal-opportunity destroyer."

In her correspondence with the court, Weinstein made no mention of an affair, though she did write in a request to speak at sentencing that she wanted to address Madoff and the court because "I think the personal connection may be more difficult for him to ignore."

An attorney for Madoff's wife, Ruth Madoff, has said his client did not know about the "alleged affair."