A drifter accused of stalking Mel Gibson (search) said Monday he will serve as his own attorney in a trial in which the actor-director is expected to appear as a witness.

Zack Sinclair (search), who was arrested for allegedly violating an order to stay away from Gibson, announced that he will be representing himself as jury selection began in what is expected to be a six-day trial.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge John S. Fisher told prospective jurors that Sinclair, 34, is legally entitled to waive his right to an attorney and that they should not let that decision affect their judgment of him.

Outside the presence of the jury, the judge said the defendant won't have to wear handcuffs during the trial but will have to limit his movement in the courtroom. "There's no walking around, there's no coming up to the bench," Fisher said.

Gibson is listed as one of 15 prosecution witnesses who could be called to testify during the trial.

Sinclair was arrested in September for investigation of stalking the actor-director. He allegedly went to the gate of Gibson's Malibu estate repeatedly that month after evading neighborhood security and asked to pray with the actor.

Sinclair was re-arrested on Oct. 7 after allegedly violating a court order to stay away from Gibson and his family.

In a court filing, Gibson said the man interrupted his worship on Sept. 19 at a chapel and "demanded that I pray with him" before the filmmaker's bodyguard escorted him out.

Sinclair is also suspected of sending letters to Gibson and his family in which he recounted his prayers for the actor, cited biblical verse and praised Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ." (search)