It'd be like Jack LaLanne saying, "Oh the hell with it, go ahead and eat all the junk you want."

Ben Bernanke, the man who's been a monetary rock, now just off his rocker.

All but telling lawmakers today, "Oh the hell with it, spend the stuff like it's going out of style."

Ok, Ben didn't say exactly that, but he did say exactly that he's open to Congress throwing more stimulus at this economy.

That's like your dad saying to you when you were just learning to drive, "Take the keys, and here's a six-pack of Bud for the car to tide you over."

Man, it's over, folks.

Ben, the Grinch, and I mean that in a good way, is carving the roast beast.

That was a cartoon. This is simply cartoonish.

Normally Ben is leery of governments going nuts on spending.

Just like Jack LaLanne is leery of folks in general going nuts on sweets.

Ben handles our money fitness.

Jack our personal fitness.

Thank goodness Jack hasn't thrown in the towel.

But it sure looks like Ben has.

As if a trillion dollars in promised federal aid isn't enough.

And Nancy Pelosi talking up another 300 billion in stimulus isn't enough.

And Barack Obama promising another 60 billion, on top of his 115 billion in stimulus wasn't enough.

And John McCain promising 300 billion smackers in mortgage relief isn't enough.

You'd think after all that, we'd all say enough.

That Jack LaLanne himself would stand up and shout at Congress, "Put down that fork!!!"

But alas, no Jack. Just junk.

Paid for by lots of money.

Our money.

For a sugar high that knows no bounds.

And clearly has delivered no results.

We can flatter ourselves to think we can binge ourselves out of a binge.

Until we look in the mirror to discover we've only gotten fatter.

And likely, dumber.

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