Dear Viewers,

I am still in New York City after our show tour of the USS Iwo Jima (search ).

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It was a huge thrill for me to board the ship and meet many sailors and Marines. I am hoping to post some pictures of them in Friday’s blog -- I need to get back to my computer in Washington, D.C. to do this.

Here is an interesting tidbit from the USS Iwo Jima: They recently had their decks redone. There is a tar-like material put on the top to make sure decks are not slippery. Right outside the bridge -- the area where the captain sits and the crew pilots the boat -- on the open deck, there is a dried footprint in the tar like material that has been recently placed on the deck. The captain showed me the footprint and placed his shoe over it. Some might say “perfect fit.” Since I am a lawyer, I quickly advised him to “take the fifth.”

Apparently when the deck was redone outside the boat bridge, no sign was put on the door to reflect the boat deck comparable to “wet paint.”

Incidentally, you would love the captain – he’s charming, smart, capable and really gives a damn about his sailors and Marines. Almost every sentence from him was about his sailors and marines and how dedicated they are.

Thursday, as part of Fleet Week and before I travel back to D.C., I will fly on a Marine helicopter. Colonel Oliver North is joining us for the ride and we will video it for you. We are hoping to air it tonight.


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