I don't know about you but I'm Alito'd out, which is why I'm thrilled we do not have to make it a talking point. We were under the impression that in hearings, senators ask questions not give speeches and, therefore, I naively was thinking we'd see some high-level intellectual sparring. Instead we have Republicans kissing up and Dems dressing down.

It's fascinating following the comeback from two sustained comas in Ariel Sharon and Randal McCloy. Their health will move two stories forward quickly. If Randal can awaken with his faculties in place — and we hope beyond hope he can — we all can find out what happened in those hours in the mine. As for Prime Minister Sharon, if he comes all the way back it will defy just about all medical experts and shake Middle East politics to its core.

It was funny dealing with PGA golfer John Daly and his son on the set Wednesday. Daly has had a wild, wacky and high-profile journey in the public eye from crying on the course to walking off the course to three marriages and a rehab here and there. Now he has his entire life on a reality series. If you like to see a charming guy who loves to drink, smoke and avoid health food you are in luck beginning next week on the Golf Channel.

It's always great to have Boomer Esiason on the show and he was so smooth I am kind of angry. It bugs me to see a pro athlete make my job look so easy. Steve and E.D. are one thing but a quarterback? Few stars ever do more then provide color — he has two shows, a radio gig and a pre-game show anchor spot. Not bad. By the way, vote for Tiki Barber on the FedEx "Player of the Year" ballots as best running back. Shaun Alexander already has the MVP.

Tuesday we had a chance to go in-depth with Tiki on the Giants' loss and perception. He blamed the Giants coaches. He saluted the Panthers coach instead and was just being honest in his assessment. As a reporter you love when a guy is honest with you but now the same media is critical of him for being honest with them. Can't have it both ways, people. Look to see more of Tiki now that he does not have a day job!

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