Ali's wife, a Spice Girl and a holiday tradition gets wrestled away all in the ten count glow of The Foxlight.

Stand by your man. Jada Pinkett-Smith says her husband Will can, in boxing terms, "go the distance" when it comes to making love. But she says you wouldn't know that based on the length of the love scenes in the movie Ali. Pinkett-Smith says she got on director Michael Mann about what she describes as the "five-second love scene" in the film. But he had a lot of love scenes with a lot of different women, reminding us of another on screen womanizer. 

McCuddy:  "He's like 007 and you are all Bond girls." 

Pinkett-Smith: "Hahahahaha!"

Want proof it's over for Posh Spice?  She had the un-posh job of being the official sale-opener for Harrods department store in London, which has a big post-New Year's sale every year. Victoria Beckham did get to go in first. Her big bargain – she tried on a $108,000 diamond necklace. But hey, it was on sale – it was marked downed from $145,000.

Finally, the saddest holiday moment?  Well it's not all that devastating, but more people were watching WWF Smackdown! last week than tuned in for It's a Wonderful Life. Can that be true?  Ouch.