Alicia Silverstone Clues Us In On Going Green

? Take-Out Tips

Alicia loves to order in and make the most of her take-out order by saving what's in the bottom of the bag. She says "never toss those extra forks, napkins, chopsticks and straws and make sure to order your next dial-up-dinner without utensils."

? Eat-In Organic

Eat organic whenever possible. Alicia has been a vegan for eight and a half years, but she knows that it's not for everyone. She does suggest eating plant-based foods which are not only healthy, but support local farmers and help save the planet.

? Be Supermarket Savvy

Paper or Plastic? Neither! Bringing canvas bags for your weekly shop is not only eco-friendly, but eco-fashionable and much more durable.

? Brighten Up

Alicia says to switch and save by buying energy efficient light bulbs. Compared to standard incandescent light bulbs, one compact fluorescent light bulb saves an average of $35 in energy costs over the life of the bulb. That means that if you change 30 light bulbs in your home, you can save over $1,000.

? Be Practical with Paper

Sick of junk mail? Well, make the most of it. Alicia hasn't bought a piece of paper in over seven years! In lieu of Post-Its, she uses the backs of envelopes, old scripts and catalogs to jot down her reminders. And when it comes to junk mail, just scrap it! Call solicitors and tell them to take you off their list. Not only will you be less annoyed at the mailbox, but you'll save paper!

Alicia thinks big when going green and has some great ideas on how you can make major changes to your life and the environment.

? Be an Energy Star

Commit yourself to the cause and go green at home! All of Alicia's appliances are energy efficient and she suggests switching yours to Energy Star. Check out their website to get great advice on everything from your TV and telephone to your dishwasher and ceiling fan. For heating and cooling your home, try solar panels like Alicia! Bamboo is a great alternative to wood for flooring.

? Drive Smart

Buy a Hybrid. Alicia owns a Toyota Prius and is quick to point out that this trendy choice is not only eco-friendly, but also economic. The car not only features an emissions-free electric motor, but gets better mileage than a standard car. Plus, the government is offering tax incentives for hybrid buyers. Go to

? Eco-Chic Shopping

With all your eco-friendly efforts you should reward yourself! How about a new wardrobe? Alicia shops for undies and sweats in Barneys' green department and you can too at She suggests when shopping green, start with cotton and hemp and then go vintage. Her favorite piece is her hemp backpack. She never leaves home without it!