Alec Baldwin, Maury Povich and Ozzy in the sudden burst of fame glow of The Foxlight.

Professor Alec Baldwin? He's agreed to teach an acting class this summer in the New York resort town of Southampton. The school says Baldwin "is very good with kids." Like his rumored fling with Jennifer Love Hewitt a few months back?

Talk show slime timer Maury Povich says he can only play himself. He only has one rap. He played himself on a recent Education of Max Bickford because he told Richard Dreyfuss he was a fan of the show. So did Dreyfuss tell Maury he's a fan of Maury's show? "Uh, no," according to Mr. Connie Chung.

Finally, remember those rumors that Ozzy Osbourne's dysfunctional family reality show would get $10 million bucks for next year's season? Well that was way off. It's $20 million. What the bleep? That's the new rumor. And it could be true because Ozzy has a new agent. Forget his new album, everything else he does is more profitable.