Alaskan Airman Charged With Forcing His Wife to Miscarry

A court-martial is under way in Alaska for an airman on charges that he laced his wife's food with ulcer medication to force her to miscarry.

Airman 1st Class Scott Boie of Milton, Wis., is charged with assault and causing the death of the unborn child.

Boie's wife, Caylinn, testified he asked her to get an abortion when he found out about the pregnancy last year. She taped a conversation with him in which he allegedly tried to persuade her to induce an abortion, then she reported him to military investigators.

Boie's attorneys say his wife's history of smoking and troubled pregnancies may have caused the miscarriage last year.

An Elmendorf Air Force Base spokesman, Master Sgt. Demetrius Lester, said the court-marshal could conclude Friday or Saturday.