Ala. Chief Justice Defies Feds on Ten Commandments

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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (searchhas determined to go down swinging on the issue of displaying a monument of the Ten Commandments in the state's judicial building.

If Moore had said that the Ten Commandments (search) were a reminder of what we base our law on, this might not have been as big a deal as it has become.

But Moore wanted a confrontation over the law, over the Constitution and the prohibition of the state in establishing a religion... and he got the clash he wanted.

Now the federal courts have ruled against him, and his own justices on the Alabama Supreme Court (search) have weighed in against him... and yet he says that the word of a judge is not final.

This coming from the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court...

This is where I've got a big problem with Moor. Under our system — the one that keeps us from being Baghdad — we follow judges' decisions, even when we know they're wrong.

The remedy is more lawyers and more appeals until a higher court decides the matter or Congress makes new law or new constitutional amendments.

It's one thing to have citizens defying judges, but judges defying judges is over the line and shows Moore has no commitment to the law.

This story may have begun as a Ten Commandments story, but it has morphed into something else and that is important. It's called the rule of law...

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