Al-Zarqawi's Broken Record

You've probably heard the news: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is out with another tape.

He's blasting Shiites, denouncing Jews, saying Shiites are essentially Jews and saying we're essentially still Satan. And, in a new twist, so is the president of Iran... kind of: says he's all talk, no terror.

But on this tape there's a lot of talk: four hours of talk, largely about terror. Four hours!

Can you imagine anyone prattling on uninterrupted for four hours?

As of this writing, they're still working on the authenticity of the audiotape. But experts say the length alone tells you it's al-Zarqawi. Apparently he's a talker. I just wonder whether he's got so much as a single listener.

For four hours of threats.

Four hours of bigotry.

Four hours of hatred.

I guess when you're holed up in a cave, time is one thing you've got. But in this increasingly restless, attention-challenged world — East or West — time is one thing the world ain't got.

So who is he reaching? Increasingly I like to think it's to an already converted creep-ish choir. They know the notes. But most even in that region don't much like the tune.

That's why normal folks of all persuasions won't listen. And the more they don't, the more al-Zarqawi talks into a tape recorder... alone.

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