The murder — the slaughter like a sheep — of American Nick Berg (search) lays to rest one of the hypocritical and phony arguments against the war and against President Bush.

During the Howard Dean (search) months — thank God it wasn't years — Dean and his wild-eyed Deaniacs kept screaming two things, which have lived on despite the advantage of any supporting truth.

The first is that the invading of Iraq over weapons of mass destruction was a lie.

We hear that over and over as if it were liturgical chant, but it is phony through and through.

Bob Woodward's (search) book tells how CIA Director George Tenet (search) assured President Bush that WMD was a "slam dunk."

So if the wMD story was wrong, it was wrong. But Woodward himself proves it was not a lie.

Then there's the Al Qaeda-Iraq connection.

We know Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (search) is an Al Qaeda (search) associate sent to Iraq by Usama bin Laden (search). Now we've seen him in Iraq cutting off the head of an American, and holding it up to the camera.

So are we done with these two phony anti-war arguments?

WMD was not a lie, and Al Qaeda was in Iraq and is still in Iraq.

That's My Word.

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