No mas... this time it wasn't Roberto Duran (search) uttering those words of infamy, it was the voters of Spain.

In The New York Times, there's a quote from a Spaniard on the street: "Maybe Al Qaeda (search) will leave us alone now."

Right... Al Qaeda has beat Spain, time now to move on to somebody else — like maybe the Brits?

So a question for Spanish voters... how many Britons did you kill with your cowardly vote for the Al Qaeda appeasers?

Think how easy it was in Spain — 10 bombs and a whole nation folds like a cheap tent.

Look... I'm sorry for the 200 deaths and the many injured. I'm speaking from the city that suffered 2,752 deaths.

Now Al Qaeda has to think that this tactic really works, and that it's time to go after Great Britain — where at least a third of the nation is already anti-Bush, anti-Blair and anti-America. Kill a few Britons and maybe the Brits kick Blair out and fold up too.

This was a cowardly and deadly vote of the Spanish people, and we haven't seen the end of it. As soon as they stop celebrating in the Al Qaeda terror camps, they'll be loading up their backpack bombs.

When is it coming? Who knows?

But...just to be safe, I'd stay off British trains on April 9 — the first anniversary of the fall of

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