Pacino, Ryder, Dunst and Miller. No, it's not a law firm. It's the lawless world we call The Foxlight.

He's 62, yells "hoo-ha" and looks like he's half asleep in his new movie Insomnia, but Al Pacino still likes the 'scent of a woman' that's less than half his age according to The New York Post. They say he stole Winona Ryder's heart during the shooting of another movie. Doesn't she normally do the pilfering? Anyway, all parties are in denial. Even though Winona told a magazine the 'Godfather of gruff' is incredibly attractive and just irresistible. She can act.

Hey Al, if you're chasing something even more recently born, how about Kirsten Dunst? She's 20 and looking for love. She says it's tough to meet people. And that brief thing with  her Spider-Man co-star Tobey Maguire has officially unspun. She says she has a fairy tale in her head when it comes to love and marriage. Maybe it's Beauty and The Beast. Give her a call.

Finally, Dennis Miller a bad neighbor? He's got a life to lead cha-cha. He wanted to make a lot of changes to his $14 million house and it ticked off his neighbors. Don't you hate a $14 million fixer upper? Anyway, one of this neighbors is a gun collector who threatened to shoot the walking Thesaurus. His idea of a witty comeback? Dennis said he'd sue anyone who tried to stop his remodeling and he'd win because he has more money. Tough room.